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Silent Rescue was out in the highways and boulevards giving out resources and blessed bags. On our journey to serve our community, we found BOB. I observed Bob way into the thick of the park. He was relaxing on a bench in his own territory, concentrated in his own thoughts.

Bob seen me approaching him and quickly he began knocking objects off the bench as if he was having company; well technically, he was getting a visit. I carefully approached him with the food and resources in hand. The introductions were made and immediately we were fast friends.

Bob was working as a construction worker for many years. This was the source of revenue to provide for his wife and daughter. One day something horrible took place where Bob dropped off the roof of the structure site, breaking his back and fracturing his arm.

This event lead to regrettable developments, which comprised a hospital stay. The physician prescribed him pain killers with the caution that they may grow into an addiction. Although he was offered the information, he was not granted any assistance on how to avoid the addiction.

Family and relationship complications have developed into an undesirable dissolution of marriage. Returning to work after many months of therapy and prescribed pain medicine, he noticed he was coming up with tales for his physician to up the prescription. This addiction lead to the dismissal of his profession, monetary troubles, which contributed to foreclosure, which expanded to mental health issues; and suddenly homelessness.

I have encountered many individuals criticize those who are without barriers. However, just like Bob theyhave a story behind the suffering. What inspires me with Bob and others we have communicated with is that they appreciate being seen as humans more so than the food and resources delivered to them.

The last we gathered from Bob was he went to his former church to ask for support. He states he had not sought for aid previously because of the shame he held. They were delighted to assist him in his hour of need and provided him clothing and a connection to a shelter that offers counseling for his addiction and housing placement after completing classes offered.

Being kind plants seeds of hope.

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1 Comment

Sep 20, 2022

I hope you discover more BOB'S on your humanitarian efforts

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