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Kindness: Breaking Down Barriers

Never be too busy to support those in need.

Invest the time to manifest smiles.

What a wonderful way to be

Acknowledging everyone one we see,

Heaven is available.

To use earthly angels as its vessels

Love knows no boundaries.

Enhancing others is its guarantee.

We purify its foundation.

When we advocate it with our actions,

Good deeds and selfless acts

Generosity brings hope; it increases self-esteem.

The spirit of a gentle heart creates a sense of belonging.

Goodwill produces a world of unification.

It reduces suffering and changes situations.

One Love One Nation

We take formation.

Making love our illustration

Spreading hope is our obligation.

To break down barriers

To demolish starvation

Create Homes for the Homeless

Pilot Hope for the Hopeless

Be a Friend to the Friendless

Uniting under one heartbeat


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Mar 09, 2023

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