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Let Love Fly

The gnawing reality of destitution.

Reduced to a ghost, no longer able to cope.

The worst part is not the homelessness.

Its ‘the emptiness and the loneliness.

Fearful of famine and daggers ignited.

Friendly faces turn foe and you're uninvited.

In this this dramatic world danger lurks.

The sweat and tears are so dutiful.

Come to terms with the fact God’s love is irrefutable.

Hate doesn’t determine anyone’s fate.

Don't think you can determine anyone’s destiny.

Plummeting to the depths of oblivion.

We tumble to the bottom of our illusion.

There are no worries if you pass by

Our disregard the depths of sorrows in their eyes

Love is a bountiful game.

Wonders are intangible.

Further up the mountain slope

We journey to Zion to find our faith.

Until then help draw up the bridge

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4 commentaires

14 avr. 2023


03 avr. 2023

Love can rule the world only if others will perceive. Our eyes will see the beauty that surrounds us.


19 mars 2023

I love that "Hate does not determine anyone's fate." But those frowns sure look like it is trying. Good thing it does not work and I hope those who judge does not go through the same thing.


19 mars 2023

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