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After the demise of his mother, Larry could not survive. He was already accustomed to the wiles of the streets, which comprised opiates and liquor that were applied routinely. The last straw broke receiving the wrecking report that he can no longer visit with his mom.

Many years, he had recognized the pain and sorrow he was causing to his mother with his rebellious ways. He tried to stop, but the streets had a firm hold on him and somehow he felt they had a stronger hold than a mother who was a casualty of the same circumstances as poverty.

His excuse was to stay out of his mom’s way to not be a burden, but he became a burden to himself. Learning that his mother had an underlining disease that she did not want to worry him with so she kept it silent. He said he lost it and dove deeper into self pity with the woe-is-me narrative. It saddened him that his mom was looking out for him and he was trying to protect his mother, and they both were alone in their struggles.

Larry informed us that just by speaking to Silent Rescue’s volunteers he explored the relationships he had accepted with himself and with others. Someone used the quote “you attract how you feel about yourself.” He says he felt invisible, so therefor no one seen him or heard his cry for help. We did not discover his cry, but we saw his presence as a part of our community.

Larry had a place to lay his head down in the evenings and a place to eat in the mornings. It was the in-between times that were the hardest to get meals as he transition through finding a new life filled.. He says he had not laughed so hard because of the candor that was exchanged between all of us.

Truth is Larry was a wonderfully humorous guy. I haven’t whooped so hard myself in an awfully long while. I hope Larry will follow through with doing a comedy amateur night soon, to see if he has what it takes to start a new adventure.

We expect he has what it takes to be all what he was designed to be. Love is universal. Larry blessed us with his comedic ways, and we blessed Larry just the same with essentials, food, and friendship.

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