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Mission, Visions and Objective

  • Silent Rescue’s goal is to strengthen communities by addressing the needs of the homeless and those who are down on their luck. Our organization delivers everyday essentials, food and inclement weather gear that are crucial for survival.

  • Our key aim is to be the bridge that fills the gap to rebuilding self-esteem, and the steppingstone to regain a self-determined and independent life. This will be established with partnership, volunteerism from like-minded peoples. Also, our future goal is to provide the transportation to a safe place.

  • There are no barriers to human kindness. Our mission is to stand in the gap for the displaced. No one can make it life alone and it is impossible to fly with one wing. We come together by magnifying the power of our communities. Journeying together to hope and making new friends.

  •  Change starts with individual efforts. Take action today to make a difference in the wellbeing of our brothers and sisters that have no one to stand in the gap to give hope and another chance to build a quality life.

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2 comentários

19 de mar. de 2023

I remember my mom good friend Lettie used to be so full of life. She would volunteer at the local shelters and food banks and often brought the left over food that was not given out to all the neighbors. She was a God Send.


09 de mar. de 2023

Agreed there is no barriers to human kindness

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