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My journey to humanitarianism

I have been a giver considerably most of my life. A benefactor of time, resources, transportation and, most traumatically, a contributor to my tranquility. I trailed the storms, that was exceptionally vicious for me to maintain. I concluded if I just continue sacrificing all of me it will take me to the assured freedom. However, my immunity never materialized. I knew chaos, coldness, and entitlement in its place.

Through my brokenness of a life of disrespect, I expeditiously grasped that I was restricting and inhibiting individuals from developing. Instead of working out matters their selves people would turn to me. Trouble with that was I could be nobody’s higher power. I was just me. A young woman who craved to take part in saving the world from despair.

Striding out of a grocery store a long while back. I notice a mother and daughter laying on the concrete ground with blankets. My soul dropped and my spirit sank. I was elated and eager to jump on board to this challenge to serve someone properly. I chatted with the lady with the glitzy hat on and she readily shared her memoir of failures, setbacks and the disappointments life shelved to her.

Grasping another method to occupy the void in my soul. I encountered a fondness for my neighborhood and community. I journeyed alone in my quest to serve. The need to be a humanitarian is far greater than I could ever imagine. I notice people living under bridges, sleeping in cars, and making their homes in by dumpsters.

In finding purpose, Silent Rescue was formed. Although we’re not kept in the beginning stages of our organization of who we have reached; I perceive without a reluctance it has been over 8,000 individuals to date. Silent Rescue has got support through volunteerism, donations and other contributors that share the same bleeding heart for the hurting.

Being a non-profit for humanity, I developed tolerance, cultural awareness, and altruism. I approach my charitable practice with an attitude of giving, encouraging, and hope to improve the world around me. My focus and intentions are for my neighborhood and surrounding communities growth.

The humanitarian field is complex and a demanding environment to navigate. However, to experience the satisfaction of stimulating others is indescribable. I’m exceedingly thankful for the opportunities and benefits Silent Rescue has provided this far with the support of our donors.

Our volunteers are developed in appreciating the significance of saving lives, alleviating suffering, and pushing to sustain human dignity. Imagine themselves in the complex positions of the communities we explore to serve to fully empathize with their positions.

“If no one has ever shown you love and appreciation, here is your chance to be that change for someone else.” -Sherry Beck-

A selfish person is someone who is overly concerned with themselves. They have a terminally self absorbed mindset even if the actions will harm others. The complete opposite of a selfish person is a people pleaser, which was the weight I carried for many years. Both characteristics are extreme behaviors. The people pleaser will act selflessly but neglect themselves, and the selfish person lives their life to satisfy their own needs without helping others.

Our ethics are to value human life in all forms. That means no preconceptions or generalizations. All people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, or race deserve to experience a life that is clear from suffering. We are continually exploring alternative approaches to solve problems, conquer interferences, and embracing the value of our relationship with the community.


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Mar 02, 2023

Someone who is selfish cares only about themselves and doesn't consider others. If a ship is sinking and you refuse to let anyone else into your 4-person lifeboat, you're extremely selfish.


Sep 18, 2022

Everyone's life should be on the same trail of giving, loving and measured sacrifices


Sep 18, 2022

We have to use wisdom when you give or it is not doing the receiver any good. But I am glad you are planting seeds on good soil now.

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