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Myths and Assumptions

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

I have found we are accustomed to identifying the homeless people to have a specific measure of filth or a down-and-out presence. There are good Samaritans, churches, and many charities that serve those in need. The resolutions of good will individuals that support others to harmonize with society, revamp their image, and enhance their self-esteem.

There are day shelters that offer laundry services complete with sort and fold, hygiene supplies, hairdos, shaves, and the list of altruism is endless. Further, there are organizations that provide hot meals, a place to shower, pampering, and the privileges to choose the swag of their preference.

“You can’t distinguish an individual’s socio-economic position by their wardrobes. Most displaced humans don’t bed down on the streets or leap from tent to shelter. Relatively, they linger for a bit at a family member’s home, next to a friend’s place and so on. This is called “functional homelessness,” or “couch surfing”. When individuals have a place to lay their head and get dressed properly, they still require a supporting hand because the places they occupy do not provide the extras to survive.

Some benefactors of our organization have pointed out it is necessary to not appear vulnerable and homeless. Being seen as a functioning civilian prevents them from being a victim of violent misdeeds and injustice. The flip part of being presentable limits them from obtaining assistance when they are in dire need. The need to conserve the dignity of our friends and community stands the same. Nevertheless, of their image, their situation, location, color, or creed.

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Nov 16, 2022

I have seen homeless people give what was in their hand to someone else that they felt had a much urgent need. Love knows no boundaries. Also, I have


Butterfly Katey
Butterfly Katey
Sep 29, 2022

Do not judge a book by its cover. Cover maybe torn but the content is irreplaceable.


Butterfly Katey
Butterfly Katey
Sep 27, 2022

I once worked with a lady who was living in her car trying to start her life over from life situations. She was homeless before finding a job but she relied on these types of services to get her ahead to be a productive citizen again.

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