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Christmas did not miss us

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

What Christmas is all about.

On this day, Silent Rescue gave some smiles to our brothers and sisters.

Being a vessel of God to share the good news in charitable acts.

We met many people some in groups and some individual.

They all were seeking kindness in any construct.

Either way, we all had the gift of love imparted through the spirit of Christ-Mas.

We smiled, they laughed. Everyone was filled with glee.

It is a great joy to see a community gather, making the best of what they have. Without fail, there is someone asking for an additional blessing bag to walk over to their friend who is in a wheelchair or sick, laying down in the tent. Or the loud call to those who are across the street or down yonder to alert that there are essentials. “Hey, yall you better hurry and get over here.”

What is so dear to my heart is that most know where their source is coming from. “Thank you, God, for sending your Angel.”

“I always know God is going to bring me Manna.”

Just as I know, God will continue to use Silent Rescue to reach the multitude.

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