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The Girl from Ohio

Gigi was an exceptionally colorful character that we have come upon. She was vivacious, sure of herself, and considerably boisterous in her communications with us. She declares, “Yes, I want some water and food and everything else you have, but mostly I need to talk with someone about my life. Could you guys stop and have a conversation, or do you just give things and leave?”

The volunteers went on and I stayed. I just tuned in as a friend would attend to their loved one. Although I distributed limited feedback, it legitimized her battles. I learned mental disorders are also formed from childhood misfortunes and could be managed by prescriptions, the willingness to heal, and counseling. Gigi advised me she had avoided taking her medication because she did not wish to live in reality or admit her mental condition, that occasionally cause her hallucinate.

Gigi shared she repeatedly saw witches hovering over her amid the night. She maintains she perceives evil and good deep into people’s spirit. Also, she whispered that Satin would often call on her, instructing to do evil. Threatening she would never produce a child or encounter love if she did not follow his commands.

My heart wept for this young girl. I look at her purely as a hurting adolescent that requires protection and love. I chuckled when she laughed to remain connected with her. Deeply, I broke down for the little girl that established the abnormal as a routine. Gigi was fighting an arduous combat and I commend her courage to recoup for another round.

Abruptly, she disclosed she forgave her old man and decided to return home. Undoubtedly, she had been punishing herself for the poor judgments that were enforced by her dad, which left her feeling insignificant. Gigi asked me to walk with her across the road to a sanctuary called the Hope Center. Thankfully, once we got there, they had a bed free for her to occupy and also they arranged for her a bus ticket back home to Ohio in a few days.

It is an unfortunate situation that a childlike girl languished in the outdoors solely because she did not wish to accept the guidelines of the shelter. Gigi declares she bedded down outside because the shelter required her to go to bible study to continue her stay. She neglected the rules of her father that expected her to leave her luxury in a poverty-stricken neighborhood caused by her dad’s gambling. Also, she did not choose to tolerate the laws of civilization such as noise compliance, prostitution and being drunk and disorderly in public.

It gives me great pleasure that in just a few short days, Gigi will reunite with her father. We cannot fight our battles alone. Gigi and I said or goodbyes with a heartfelt embrace. Gigi smiled and asked for more goodies out of the blessed bag in which I happily obliged.

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Mar 23, 2023

I met a girl name Kerry once she was living with this older gentlemen in our apartment building in Chicago. She was very pretty and young, like 16 years old. We got to be friends being I was that age at the time. She later informed me she was a run away and she did not have anywhere to go because of the abuse she endured from home.

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