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The Power of Kindness: How a Simple Act of Kindness Can Make a Profound Impact on Someone's Life

Picture yourself walking past a beggar with a sneer or spitting out hurtful words. But what if, instead, you passed that person a blessing and treated them with respect? Do you ever pause to consider that the very person asking for spare change could unlock the key to your breakthrough.

It is important to remember that God affirms that those who offer blessings to others will also receive blessings, and those who show kindness to the poor are lending to God.

God is strategic, mystical and comes in many forms don’t use the judgement of others which hold no value to miss out on a celestial blessing.

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3 Kommentare

25. März

I am mindful to put myself in the place of others and it compassions me to help.

Gefällt mir

18. Nov. 2023

Sprinkle kindness everywhere, because we never know what battles others are fighting in secret.

Gefällt mir

15. Nov. 2023

Gefällt mir
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