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Sincerest Gratitude

Building Bridges & Standing in the Gap

Our Journey to Love

We feel privileged to have so many influential organizations helping us build bridges towards hope and supporting our mission to love with a purpose. We are immensely grateful to work in partnership and collaborate with everyone as co-collaborators to embark on new beginnings and improve our communities.

Your contribution has enabled us to broaden our outreach to those who require a helping hand. We are motivated to continue our mission and expand our coverage to further targeted areas. It is with great fortune and privilege that we have achieved success thanks to your generous contribution of time, support, and compassion

Thank you for your time/help/consideration.

Thanks to your contribution, we exceeded our monthly target. We established further connections with people in encampments and helped them to locate secure homes, medical care, mental health services, and other resources.

Our street outreach team strives to uphold consistent engagement with the homeless population on a grander level, continuously venturing to encampments and remote areas. To act as a means for their sustenance and a counselor to steer them towards a fulfilling life.

  • Thank you for thinking of Silent Rescue to work with you.

  • We are grateful for this opportunity to collaborate.

  • I hope to learn a lot from this privilege.

  • Thank you for joining our team.

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Aug 10, 2023



Aug 10, 2023

Gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you. I hope the seeds you grow helps you to expand beyond your expectations.

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